WOO Inventory Manager für WooCommerce

Manage your WooCommerce Products using WOO IM App.

Change product availability, price, sale or stock management settings for items. At any time, wherever you are. On iPhone and iPad.


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WOO IM Premium store link


Product management: available/not available


Publish SALES or manage Product pricing.*

Stock Management

Set stock quantity or stock management by product or variation.*

Automatic Update

Shop-Updates will be detected automatically.

Simple and time saving

Edit products faster and easier.


Manage one or more shops at once.*

*Premium Feature.

Features and Prices

WOO Inventory Manager is available in two versions: BASIC and PREMIUM.
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WOO Inventory Manager. Finally!

We’ve waited a long time… To manage one or more shops via App. ON-THE-GO price changes, stock management… As of now, selling goods will even be more fun!

WooCommerce Product availability

Sold out or available?

Three important topics:
Availability, out-of-stock management, variations.
We all wish for full warehouses with lots of products available on stock!
If this, at any time, should not be the case, you are now able to manage your stock anytime and anywhere – stay mobile!

Pricing & SALES!

Activate your SALES mobile. Any questions?
There will be no differences between clearance sales or typical quarterly price updates. All prices are easily manageable with WOO Inventory Manager. Stay mobile! It is that easy…

WooCommerce Product Management
Updating WOOCommerce

Automatic Updates?

I just added new online products and prices. What to do?
Nothing… As soon as WOO Inventory Manager recognizes stock management changes or product updates all data will be updated automatically by your next access. Isn’t that something?


Since it has become a major topic, we support our customers by managing WOOCommerce products, prices and stock management. Until a few weeks ago, our mailboxes were filled with requests to change product prices or stock management. Of course, we took care of every single one. Since WOO IM we can finally do our job in no time. Via app on mobile devices! We’ve waited such a long time for this. Personally, I can’t even count the hours I’ve spent searching for a solution like this.
Today we use WOO IM to fulfill customer dreams :-). Additionally some of our customers already use the app in their local stores. WOO IM saves a lot of time compared to login to WP backend, click products, search for product, open variation etc… Estimated savings 2/3 of the time. It pays!
Wilma C. Löhr
another one GmbH / Hamburg, Germany

App Development

We love to code. We develop websites and eCommerce shops. Yup, that’s what we enjoy doing! Our customers like to stay up-to-date and are eager regarding future web technology. Right choice! Apps are simply one of the major must-haves for every company.
This is where we come in. We develop apps. Regardless whether there is a need for ERP system interfaces, API connections… Yes, we can!