October 2015 - WOO Inventory Manager
WOO IM on Facebook

WOO IM on Facebook

Yup, we also created a facebook account! Up to now, its published in German but with English translations.  Check it out NOW! We will keep you updated as soon as the English version will be published.

WOOCommerce iOS App: WOO IM Tutorials

WOOCommerce iOS App: WOO IM Tutorials

We want to give you an idea how easy WOO IM works, we are preparing some simple tutorials on.

  • General WOO IM Structure
  • Switch Product Availability Status
  • Alternate Product Price
  • Alternate Product Variation Price
  • Change Stock Quantity
  • Change Stock Management
  • Account Set Up
  • How to Handle Multiple Accounts
  • Hide/Unhide Categories
  • Change Display Behaviour
  • Server Request Timeout

Keep me informed!

Juuust in case, you’d like to get noticed upon publication, pls. send a short mail reply (Subject: WOO IM Tutorial).

Other options would be to return to this site or to discover WOO IM WOOCommerce iOS app by yourself *!
*Piece of cake!