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One better – update to WOO IM 1.2

One better – update to WOO IM 1.2

We went one better.
Just a few days since the last update, WOO IM version 1.2 is now available in the App Store.

WOO IM now supports grouped Products (Bundles). Furthermore, all available attributes are now added to the product title of a variation (variable Products).

The update applies to both Basic and Premium Version.

WOO IM Update to version 1.1 available

WOO IM Update to version 1.1 available

A new version 1.1 of WOO IM is available in the App Store.

We`ve done some optimizations on Server Communication under the hood.
Improvements apply to the handling of URL aliases and Webserver Security-Configurations.

WOO IM supports both www and non-www URL aliases. Strict Webserver Security-Configurations did block certain HTPP requests.

The update applies to both versions Basic and Premium.
Shop-URLs in use are updated automatically, as well as non-active URLs on Multi-Shop-Setups.

Continue seamlessly…

UPDATE for WooCommerce German Market Plugin Users

The plugin currently prevents a proper Woocommerce REST API call in case a product has a sale-price. It throws an error and the list in the App leaves blank.

The plugin author offers a fix (replacement for template file) until the next update of the plugin.
In case your site is affected, please contact us. We`ll give you a detailed description on how to fix it.

Promo Codes – We are doing it again!

Promo Codes – We are doing it again!

We just received 20 Promo Codes for WOO IM!

Get yours now! Manage prices, sales, stock and availability for products on-the-GO.

Right now we offer 20 free PROMO CODES for the PREMIUM version for evaluation.

No strings, no beta – GO NUTS!

The only thing we ask for is your feedback in return. When ever you’ll find the time.
After discovering the app, feel free to contribute your thoughts, ideas and comments.

» Get your code now!

To get a first glance of WOO IMs functions, check out the online tutorials.

WOO IM Tutorials

WOO IM Tutorials

Tutorials to WOO IM are online. We cover the following topics:

  • General WOO IM Structure
  • Switch Product Availability Status
  • Alternate Product Price
  • Alternate Product Variation Price
  • Change Stock Quantity
  • Change Stock Management
  • Account Set Up
  • How to Handle Multiple Accounts
  • Hide/Unhide Categories
  • Change Display Behaviour
  • Server Request Timeout

If you have additiona questions, pls. send eMail.

WOO IM on Facebook

WOO IM on Facebook

Yup, we also created a facebook account! Up to now, its published in German but with English translations.  Check it out NOW! We will keep you updated as soon as the English version will be published.