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WOO IM Update to version 1.1 available


A new version 1.1 of WOO IM is available in the App Store.

We`ve done some optimizations on Server Communication under the hood.
Improvements apply to the handling of URL aliases and Webserver Security-Configurations.

WOO IM supports both www and non-www URL aliases. Strict Webserver Security-Configurations did block certain HTPP requests.

The update applies to both versions Basic and Premium.
Shop-URLs in use are updated automatically, as well as non-active URLs on Multi-Shop-Setups.

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WOOCommerce iOS App: WOO IM Tutorials

WOOCommerce iOS App - Tutorial

We want to give you an idea how easy WOO IM works, we are preparing some simple tutorials on.

  • General WOO IM Structure
  • Switch Product Availability Status
  • Alternate Product Price
  • Alternate Product Variation Price
  • Change Stock Quantity
  • Change Stock Management
  • Account Set Up
  • How to Handle Multiple Accounts
  • Hide/Unhide Categories
  • Change Display Behaviour
  • Server Request Timeout

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