Say hello to WOO IM

The following guide will help you to set up WOO IM and provides detailed information about its functions.

Requirements for using the WOO IM App

In order to use WOO IM, your WooCommerce Shop must comply with the following requirements:

  • Your shop must support HTTPS.
  • The WooCommerce REST-API V3 must be enabled. The API is part of the current WooCommerce Installation.
  • You`ll need an API Key with read/write permissions.
  • For WOO IM Premium, Stock Management must be activated in the WooCommerce settings.

Go to the next article to learn how to prepare your WooCommerce Shop to access with the WOO IM App.

Prepare your WooCommerce Shop
Prepare your WooCommerce Shop to access it with the WOO IM App:

Enable the WooCommerce REST-API

Go to WooCommerce/Settings, choose the tab API.

  • On the Settings view, check enable REST-API
  • On the Keys/Apps view, click Add Key
  • Enter key description, choose a User and grant read/write permission to the key
  • By pressing generate key you will receive Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. Keep them ready for setting up a new Shop Account in the App.

IMPORTANT: Keep your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret in a safe place and do NOT share it with others! If you suspect your key is not a secret anymore, revoke the key in the API settings and generate a new one.

Set up a Shop Account in the App
Tap the Settings Symbol, then tap the + Symbol to add an account.

Provide your shop`s web address (URL), omit the https:// part according to this example: or instad of

WOO IM tries to connect to the Shop`s API (WooCommerce REST-API).

If the process was successful, you`ll be prompted to enter your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. Once the credentials are sucessfully validated, the Shop is automatically activated and added to the account list.

Go back to the start screen. Shop categories, products etc. will be updated automatically every time the start screen gets active.

Shop appearance within the App
WOO IM represents the structure of your shop. It contains main categories (Toplevel) which probably include different subcategories (Sublevel). Down the hierarchy, you`ll find your products in Leaf Categories.

Product variations of a parent product (variable products) will be displayed and treated as individual products. The same applies to grouped products. Variable and grouped products have different icons in the list view.

WOO IM WOOCommerce Kategorien im Online-Shop

Change Product Availability
The Availability of a product determines, whether a product can be added to the cart or is temporarily not available for purchase.

Tap the Availability-Symbol left to the product title. You`re prompted to confirm the change of the availability status.

WOOCommerce Artikel verfügbar Product is available

WOOCommerce Artikel nicht verfügbar Product is NOT available
In case the product is not available, it will still be displayed in the shop but can NOT be added to the cart. This is of importance if you are, for example, advertising for this product. The link to the product is still valid and can be found. However it can NOT be purchased until it will be available again.

Price, SALE and Stock Management (Premium Version)
Tap on the product title (somewhere right beside the availability symbol), to access the product detail view.

Tap on the row of the value you want to change. According to the status you`ll get the available options. The following changes can be made:

  • (regular) price – Changes the regular price in the shop. (Note: The current price is read-only and depends on the regular price and the sale price.)
  • SALE price – Starts or stops Sale. Indicate a lower price than the regular price to start Sale. On the prompt, tap stop to stop a sale and to activate the regular price again.
  • Stock Management – Enables or disables Stock Management for a product. Changes Stock Management from parent product to variations optionally.
  • Stock Quantity – Changes Stock Quantity. Enables Stockmanagement for a product automatically, if a quantity is indicated. Disables Stock Management on parent level and enables on product level automatically if required.
Account Settings
There are some settings for a shop account you should know. For example, you`re able to hide categories or to set a longer server timeout for slow servers or bulky requests to avoid request timeouts. In the Premium-Version each Shop-Account has it`s individual settings. To delete an account, simply swipe the respective entry in the accounts list to the left and confirm with delete. All related data are deleted as well.
Hide Categories
You can hide categories of a shop, for example if you have double categories. Swipe left on a category and confirm with hide. The category is dismissed. To display the category again, tap the respective account in the accounts list. In the settings for an account you`ll find the Dismissed Categories List. As when hiding the category, swipe to the left and confirm with unhide. The category will be displayed again.
Server Request Timeout
You can set a longer timeout value in case of frequently failing requests.

Tap the account in the account list to enter settings. Find the Server Request Timeout Settings. Depending on the amount of data to load and the capabilities of a server to respond more or less quickly, you may set a higher value than the standard five seconds to avoid failing requests.

Rise the timer in 5-seconds-steps until you get no more request failures. The higher you set the timer, the longer you have to wait until the timer stops a request.

If a server responds to a request, the app reacts immediately, even if the timer is set to a longer timeout. You`ll notice a long timer only if a server does not respond quick enough.

Product Display Behavior
You can change the Product Display Behavior in case you have not only products in leaf categories.

Your category Furniture contains a subcategory Wooden Furniture. In the category Furniture you also have Metal Furniture products, which are not listed in a subcategory. So you have Metal Furniture-Products and the category Wooden Furniture on the same level.

In this case you can force WOO IM to show products and subcategories on the same level. However, this jacks the need for data up (more data, longer to load) and is less overseeable than the default Show Products in Leaf Categories only.