WOO Inventory Manager

What the App does and which versions are available.

Features and Pricing

WOO Inventory Manager is available in two flavors: BASIC and PREMIUM. Below you will find a listing of different features.

Not sure, which version you need?

WOO Inventory Manager comes in two flavors. The BASIC version just cares for product availability – great for sales staff in your store with no permission to change prices.

The PREMIUM version allows access to prices (regular, sale) and enables to change stock management settings as well as quantity in stock. The PREMIUM version is for people with more privileges, typically such as store managers or store owners.

You can easily start with the BASIC version. If you need additional app features later on, we will shortly offer a BUNDLE as an upgrade path. The easy term to upgrade to the PREMIUM version.

Want to get to know WOO IM?

Just take a quick look at our guide.