Promo Codes – We are doing it again!

Promo Codes – We are doing it again!

We just received 20 Promo Codes for WOO IM!

Get yours now! Manage prices, sales, stock and availability for products on-the-GO.

Right now we offer 20 free PROMO CODES for the PREMIUM version for evaluation.

No strings, no beta – GO NUTS!

The only thing we ask for is your feedback in return. When ever you’ll find the time.
After discovering the app, feel free to contribute your thoughts, ideas and comments.

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To get a first glance of WOO IMs functions, check out the online tutorials.

WOOCommerce iOS App: WOO IM Tutorials

WOOCommerce iOS App: WOO IM Tutorials

We want to give you an idea how easy WOO IM works, we are preparing some simple tutorials on.

  • General WOO IM Structure
  • Switch Product Availability Status
  • Alternate Product Price
  • Alternate Product Variation Price
  • Change Stock Quantity
  • Change Stock Management
  • Account Set Up
  • How to Handle Multiple Accounts
  • Hide/Unhide Categories
  • Change Display Behaviour
  • Server Request Timeout

Keep me informed!

Juuust in case, you’d like to get noticed upon publication, pls. send a short mail reply (Subject: WOO IM Tutorial).

Other options would be to return to this site or to discover WOO IM WOOCommerce iOS app by yourself *!
*Piece of cake!