WOO IM Tutorial Basic - WOOCommerce iOS App

Basic Functionality – WOO Inventory Manager

WOO IM gives you easy and secure access to WooCommerce prices, sales, stock management and product availability.

Learn about some of the basic functions:

  • How to access a WooCommerce Shop
  • Changing product availability status
  • First glance on TOP-/SUB-Level categories


WOO IM Prices, Sales - WOOCommerce iOS

Prices & Sales – WOO Inventory Manager

Learn how to set prices and sales:
  • Change regular product price
  • Start and stop product sales
  • See how to navigate through TOP- and SUB-Level categories


WOO IM Advanced - WOOCommerce iOS

Advanced Settings – WOO Inventory Manager

Learn about categories, settings and multiple accounts.
  • How to set up multiple accounts
  • Dismiss categories, display products in leaf categories
  • Change server request timeout


WOO IM Set Account - WOOCommerce iOS

Account Set Up – WOO Inventory Manager

Learn how to
  • set up a new account
  • enter shop URL
  • validate credentials


WOO IM Rest API - WOOCommerce iOS

Set Up Rest API – WOO Inventory Manager

Learn how to
  • set up WooCommerce Rest API
  • enter consumer key
  • enter consumer secret