Case Studies

WOO IM started as an individual customer project.

At a later stage during development we decided to make the app available to a wider range of users. We therefore developed two versions with essential, non-customer-specific features for each WooCommerce-driven shop. WOO IM is already in use under different prerequisites.

With friendly customer permission, we exemplarily outlined the essence of some valuable lessons learned from quite different tasks.

  • MEISTER Parfumerie since 1888 – Retail and Online Shop
  • Al Burli – Selected wines & liqours – Wholesale and Online Shop for consumers

MEISTER Parfumerie since 1888. Finest perfumes, cosmetics and accessories.

The Challenge

MEISTER Parfumerie sells exclusive perfumes, scents and skincare in their local store in Hamburg, Germany. Some of their exclusive brand items are also available online at So far it was a time consuming task to keep products updated e.g. prices, availability etc. Staff in the local store needs to focus on customers, administration is done in the backoffice. As a result a lot of post-its for sold-out items have been produced, update requests have been mailed to the shop admin to update the products online shop. Same applied to price updates, whether permanent, for sale or to quickly respond to a competitive situation.

The solution

WOO IM improved the entire workflow. On store location, an iPad is ready to update product status in a few seconds. The process is simple and can be interrupted at any time. As soon as a customer steps in, the iPad is put away and the customer gets full attention. Additionally staff is able to perform intermediate brand inventory. Upon delivery, products are being placed on store shelfs and the online availability status is been changed via iPad – that`s it.

The benefits are impressive

No online customer will be annoyed anymore by purchasing a product, which is not „ready to ship“ immediately. No disappointment, no purchase rollback. Availability and prices are always up-to-date. On top of that, store processes are as they should be. Time consumption for administration is kept to the required minimum, same applies to distraction due to associated tasks. For an average of 900 – 1000 changes per year, the workflow optmization already paid for itself.

Al Burli: Champagne, wine & licorice liquor!

First come, first serve

At „al Burli“, everything is commited to Champagne and a fine Selection of Wines from all over Europe. You`ll find Burli`s Selection in local Restaurants, well-assorted Wine Bars of some bigger Companies and finally as a consumer in the connected online shop. Stock is managed „first come, first serve“ for the different distribution channels. Burli puts great emphasis on knowing all about the manufacturing process and the manufacturers of the products. Therefore Burli is travelling frequently to vineyards throughout Europe.

Shop administration in this case is all about being mobile, even under tough conditions in regards to uptime in remoted areas. This is crucial in terms of stock management. Allocation for a distribution channel depends on the overall quantity available, among others. In case the quantity changes, Burli is able to control stock immediately, wherever he actually may be. The low data consumption and the ability to respond to slow connections or low bandwith enables access to the stock even from remoted wine-producing regions in Southern Europe.